Thursday, August 4, 2011

figuring things out

i've been playing around with wordpress. honest opinion? i'm not a big fan at the moment. i liked the idea of the layouts and then i discover that you can't upload a theme that isn't a part of the wordpress themes on their site. hmmm...for example: on blogger, one can upload a theme from any free (or paid for) site by copying and pasting the html code in the html spot. when i try to do the same, and i've only tried this from one site, so don't scream at me yet, there is not html code, just zip files and no where that i can find to upload the theme so my wordpress is, indeed, my wordpress. hmmm. i'm a bit discouraged. that's why i'm here. to play around here and upload a theme of my choosing to see what i discover about which i like the best. i'm not giving up on wordpress. it's new and i want to give it an honest try before i make up my mind about it. so, i'm off to play with blogger templates now!